High qrality roll structure with no dust. Every machine operator craves – and requires – control of the quality of a finished roll.

Tidland's Model D4 Core-Lock Differential Air Shaft provides that control with the help of the latest technology for dust-free, superior quality differential winding at the slitter/winder station of any film, laminating, printing and coated products process line.

The D4 has a unique, two-row, 12-ball, torque activated cartridge design that positively locks the core, insuring no dust is generated, while providing predictable and consistent tension control and high quality roll structure throughout the entire roll.

Radial, pneumatic torque control insures equalized tension across any combination of roll widths and tension control down to 0.15 pli insures quality roll builds for even the most sensitive materials.  

Key Features Highest quality roll build – With the torque activated, core-locking cartridge design, roll quality is no longer dependent on core quality Easy to use - No operator activation of shaft required at the beginning or end of roll build Cartridges engage when wind starts and disengage when wind stops Roll wobble minimized with minimum of two rows of balls per core No dust - Pneumatic, frictional torque control against machined surface, not ID of core Manual control not required! Radial, pneumatic pressure/torque control equalizes tension, offering a high degree of accuracy Eliminate vibration – symmetrical design means that there is no inherent imbalance in shaft.

Capable of 2300 fpm supported and 1500 fpm cantilevered without vibration Pressure control placed in the hands of the operators 0–60 psi range of pressure control-based on machine/product requirements Resistant to pressure/tension variation due to pressure spikes in machine/plant air supply to shaft.




3 to 6 inch cores

> 6 inch cores

Minimum Slit Width

22 mm

0.88 inch

50 mm

2 inches

Minimum Tension at Core

0.2 pli

Operating Core Pressure

35 to 414 kPa

5 to 40 psi

35 to 414 kPa

5 to 40 psi

Recommended Core Tolerance

3.015 +/- 0.005 inch

6.015 +/- 0.005 inch



Model D4 core-lock design

Cross-Web Caliper Variation (typical of coated, printed or laminated materials)

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